Luuk van Middelaar is a political theorist and historian. The author of the prizewinning book The Passage to Europe, he just published De nieuwe politiek van Europa, a groundbreaking account of the Union’s new politics.

New book

The Dutch edition of my new book De nieuwe politiek van Europa is out since 27 September.

The book is a frontline narrative of Europe’s crisis years, a cool assessment of the Union’s event-driven political metamorphosis, and a plea to bring in the voices of opposition. It draws on five years of up-close political experience, followed by two years of reading, thinking, writing and rewriting.
The French translation will be published by Editions Gallimard, January 2019. An English translation is in preparation.

Latest essays

The GuardianMarch 25th, 2017

The union’s 60th birthday is not a moment for gifts and cake, but for reinvention around three new strategic ideas.

InternacionalMarch 22nd, 2017

Los retos de la UE son proteger las fronteras, tomar decisiones improvisadas y tolerar la oposición

Le MondeMarch 18th, 2017

Protéger, improviser, contester : à l’occasion des 60 ans du Traité de Rome, Luuk Van Middelaar, ancien conseiller à la présidence du Conseil européen, propose dans une tribune au « Monde » un nouveau credo pour l’Union européenne.

Berlin Policy JournalNovember 30th, 2016

On the night of June 23, European leaders went to bed confident the British referendum would go well. They woke up to a completely new political reality. What’s next for Europe?

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